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CookiesMay 26 20150 Comment

It’s a special occasion when any baby is born, but there is something enchanting about a real live little princess! The birth of Princess Charlotte of Cambridge on May 2nd, 2015 was celebrated the world over. We got caught up in the excitement and couldn’t resist making some cookies to celebrate the arrival of the newest little princess!

When designing this set we went with a sweet yet sophisticated colour palate of white, pale pink and silver-grey. Knowing that royal babies have been riding in style in them for decades, we to had to make a “Balmoral” Silver Cross pram. The British royal family is all about national symbols, so we also added a little maple leaf to the royal monogram, as a nod to Canada! And all babies, royal or not, love a plush teddy and a shaker toy to play with!

We wish William and Kate all the best as they adjust to being a family of four, and hope for good health and happiness for Princess Charlotte as she grows!

You can order cookies for your little princess too!
Silver rattle-$3.50/ea
Teddy bear-$3.50/ea
Balmoral Pram-$4.00/ea
Royal Monogram-$3.50/ea