Hi! My name is Rachel, and I am the heart and soul behind Sweet Pea Cookies. I grew up in the beautiful Fraser Valley in British Columbia. On rainy Saturdays my big sister taught me the art of baking. On sunny summer days my mother, who is a fine artist, taught me drawing and painting. I spent years cultivating both my artistic and baking skills. At a young age a seed that combined my two passions was planted: desserts to be enjoyed with the eye as much as the palate. here

read article After getting married and moving to Ontario, I found it difficult to be missing out on key milestones in my family and friend’s lives back home. I was used to baking something beautiful for these events, and I didn’t want to accept that being far away precluded me from creating something for them. So, I began making and shipping sugar cookies.

The response I received from sending cookies was tremendous. I had discovered a very special way to “be there” for someone, whether through a birthday gift or a special party favour for a baby shower. I felt my personal touch allowed the recipient to feel like they had just seen me even though I couldn't be there. Soon, the responses to my cookies sprouted a new idea : “Why not spread the love and make these cookies available for others to share and bless their loved ones?” And with the encouragement of many friends, family members, and my super supportive husband, my joy of baking and decorating grew into Sweet Pea Cookies.

WHY SUGAR COOKIES? Firstly, sugar cookies are the perfect edible canvas. There are almost no limits to what can be created on a sugar cookie, and there are many crossover techniques between the mediums of fine art and hand icing.

this web page Second, sugar cookies are designed to be shipped. With their slim profile and “tastes-fresh-for-weeks” properties, they arrive fresh and beautiful at their destinations, even after days in the mail, unlike other baked goods.


Besides being my all-time favourite flower, sweet peas possess a similar character to our cookies. Just like our cookies, sweet peas are beautiful and fragrant. Both are equally at home in a rustic setting as in a crystal ballroom. In either a bouquet with other blooms or on their own, sweet peas are celebrated. Our cookies are also delightful without any accompaniment, but when placed on a dessert table or in a gift bag, they enhance and compliment the other’s charms. Like a flower you want to pick and take home with you, our cookies are not just to be admired, but eaten and enjoyed! read article